Wild Swimming: Pont d’Arc & Cascade du Sautadet

As we left Barcelona we headed towards Southern France, searching for some natural beauty. We'd previously researched areas of interest before and during our trip, it's so beneficial having your own car to travel in if you want to escape from the typical tourist traps!Our first destination was Pont d'Arc, a large natural arch 5km … Continue reading Wild Swimming: Pont d’Arc & Cascade du Sautadet

Monkey Selfie

Today we found ourselves at La Montagne des Signes, an open-air Monkey park in South West France. So, naturally we went and took countless photos of the monkeys. It was great fun, they even supply you with popcorn to feed them with, you just place out your hand and they come along and gently take … Continue reading Monkey Selfie

The City of Love

It's not hard to see why Paris is called the city of love. The French capital is gorgeous, so many romantic settings whether that be the Eiffel Tower, an evening river cruise or simply enjoying a picnic in one of the many stunning gardens. Perfect moments in Paris

Γ‰tretat to Paris Roadtrip

Bonjour! The first weekend of our 2 month European summer roadtrip has been fantastic, we've seen and done so much already. Ferry crossing After arriving in Le Havre we drove to the beautiful coastal town of Γ‰tretat, famous for it's natural arch. For this trip we plan to spend the majority of the time camping … Continue reading Γ‰tretat to Paris Roadtrip

We’re off! Europe bound

I'm not a morning person, at all. However, 5.30am this morning, with some motivation from my increasingly sounding alarm and excited boyfriend, we awoke bright and early to start our European roadtrip! After a 3.45hr foggy drive, we are checked in and ready to go for our 12 o'clock sail. The last time we travelled … Continue reading We’re off! Europe bound