Bowled over by Barcelona

After cruising through the mountains and sunning it up on the Costa del Sol our next big city trip was Barcelona, of which I'd heard only great things. We even decided to treat ourselves to a hotel room, we tried to ignore the guilt of blowing our daily budget by reminding ourselves we hadn't actually … Continue reading Bowled over by Barcelona

The Charming Streets of Porto

If I'm honest I wasn't all too familiar with the city of Porto until very recently. When you talk of Europe you usually hear in return, 'ah yes, you must visit Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam!' Poor old Porto never got a word in.Β  Nevertheless, we decided to make an afternoon stop in the city and well, … Continue reading The Charming Streets of Porto

The Basque Country

As we drove through the Spanish boarder we headed straight to San Sebastian, being the first destination on the map we recognised. However, our time there was short. After being surrounded by nature for the past few days my boyfriend (Cory) quickly realised the hustle and bustle of the city wasn't something he wanted, as … Continue reading The Basque Country

The City of Love

It's not hard to see why Paris is called the city of love. The French capital is gorgeous, so many romantic settings whether that be the Eiffel Tower, an evening river cruise or simply enjoying a picnic in one of the many stunning gardens. Perfect moments in Paris