Meet CJ Explores


Koh Tao, Thailand

We are CJ Explores

a.k.a Cory & Charlotte Jacobsen

We crossed paths in Brisbane in 2012 while both on our first big O.E/ gap year/ “gone travelling,” (Cory’s a kiwi, Char’s a pom)  fast forward 5 years later and we’ve notched up a fair few road trips, adventures, flights, visas, mates, sleepless nights, awkward language barrier conversations, “we can’t afford that,” menu scans, oh, and two wedding rings!

Cory and Charlotte Wedding Collection-305
Mr & Mrs CJ! Maleny, Qld. Photographer: Tom Hall

We’ve lived in both of our motherlands, New Zealand and England, though we’ve spent the majority of our time in Australia, where we currently reside. Hard life, eh?

We’ve been local adventurers lately, weddings cost a lot, f.y.i. However! We have some exciting explorations lined up for 2018 and onward, we really, really, realllly can’t wait.


17 thoughts on “Meet CJ Explores”

  1. Hey! Just nominated you for the Liebster award. Even if you already have it, now you’ve got another one! Check it out on my post:


  2. I did a snow safari around the South Island a few years back. It was honestly one of the best things I’ve done. NZ is just so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what else you get up to!

  3. Great site, Charlotte. Keep up the good work, and thanks for swinging by my site.

    Travel safe. Travel heppy.

    –Nick Fox

  4. Great blog you have here. Hopefully, someday I get to travel to Europe and enjoy it’s beauty. But for for it’s all India! Thank you for stopping by my blog and even following it. Hope you liked what I had to offer. Have a wonderful time travelling and I wish to keep reading more from you. Cheers!

      1. You should visit. You are going to love this place. In case you do ever plan to come here, do buzz me. We can trek together probably.. But cheers anyway! Happy traveling

      2. Thank you, that’s so kind. I’ll keep it in mind for when I do hopefully get to India! 🙂

  5. Hi Charlotte,
    Thanks for the follow!
    Sounds like we are doing similar things, just in the opposite hemisphere!
    I’m heading home to Aus to sort out my UK visa.
    Loving your blog and photos.
    If you’re ever back in Brisbane let me know – be great to swap some stories.
    Cheers, Ellen

    1. Hey, it does sound like it! We are one step closer to moving to aus, fingers crossed we’ll be back in Brisbane next month. I’ll let you know, it would be nice to exchange trips! 🙂

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