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Mt Cordeaux Hike

Mount Cordeaux lies north of Cunningham Gap in the Main Range National Park, approximately 100 km from Brisbane. It’s a fairly easy-moderate walking track totaling 6.8 km in length and has a fairly maintained track throughout.

Walking track of Mt Cordeaux

To begin your day park on the car park on the right hand side of the road, there’s plenty of parks and a toilet there, wahey! We arrived 10.45am on a Sunday morning, later then we planned and it was already obvious we were one of the later parties to the track as the car park was pretty full. You’ll see a map on the far end of the car park and this is where the hike begins, you’ll encounter a great lookout point and rest stop at Fassifern Valley Lookout not long into the hike.

Fassifern Lookout

From here follow the signs named Mt Cordeaux and continue your ascent up the mountain, once you reach the top you’ll be rewarded with one of the best places we’ve ever stopped for a picnic, it was blinkin’ beautiful, the view continued for as far as the eye could see, we even spotted the high rises of Brisbane city on the horizon!


If you fancy a challenge continue on the path to Bare Rock, I nearly opted out of this option but I’m so glad we decided to push on as it was a great addition to our walk. You’ll be adding on an extra 5.5 km but the walk is fairly flat as you continue along the saddle of Mt Cordeaux.

Keep left!
The beautiful walk to Bare Rock


What a view!

As you make your way back down you can chose an alternative route as to the one you started with along the rainforest circuit, which is a nice to change it up a little. Overall we really enjoyed this walk and was blown away by the views, can’t wait to go back and check out Mt Mitchell, the mountain standing opposite to Mt Cordeaux.



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