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Noosa National Park Coastal Track

The Noosa National Park coastal track has to be one of the most beautiful walks we’ve ever done in SE Queensland, it’s just stunning. We decided to start the walk at Sunshine Beach, though you may choose to start at Noosa if you prefer. Towards the northern end of Sunshine Beach you’ll find steep stairs which indicates the start of the track, I’d read on previous blogs that the stairs were really hard going but we were pleasantly surprised, yes it got a bit tiring but you could smash up them in 5 minutes and there were rest areas along the way, the view is a good enough reason as any to stop and catch your breath. Once you’ve climbed the stairs you continue along the track and the beautiful coastline is laid out before you, the water was so blue and inviting I kept kicking myself i hadn’t brought my bikini for a quick dip.

The track then drops down onto Alexandria Bay where you can stand near the edge and feel the force of the waves crashing against the rugged rocks, once we reached the beach I took off my shoes and enjoyed walking along the shore with my toes in the water! At the northern end of the beach the track then links back up into the land where you continue the walk to fantastic lookouts like Hell’s Gates and Boiling Point. 


Walking along Alexandria Bay

The track is 5.4 km long with an estimated time of 3 hours, however, if you continue into Noosa center it’s closer to 8 km, which I found out with an increasingly hungry belly and sweaty brow. After satisfying our food cravings we decided to walk back to Sunshine Beach (where our car was parked) though we took the inland route which has an estimated walking time of 50 minutes (thanks Google maps), though it wasn’t as spectacular as the coastal route it was quicker and shaded and a nice short cut back…or you could always take the bus!

Not a bad place for a walk, eh?


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