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Brisbane to 1770, with a stop at the Milky Way

Ahhh, mini-breaks, little lifelines to get you through the monotonous working weeks while you save dollarydoos for travelling. This particular 4 day road trip had us heading north from Brisbane, camping our way up the our final destination of Seventeen Seventy, (small coastal town where Jame’s Cook first landed in the area we now call Queensland in the year…1770, you guessed it.)

Our first photo opportunity was Carlo Sand Blow. It was awesome! We weren’t expecting this place to be as cool as it was, from research we were anticipating a rather large sand dune? However, it was much more than this. We reached the end of the boardwalk which was littered with shoes, we figured this was the done thing so we kicked off our flip-flops/jandals/thongs and walked out on to the sand. A few steps in we realised why this area has been referred to as a, ‘moonscape,’ it truly was like walking on the moon, ( spoiler: haven’t actually visited the moon) it was eerily peaceful and had the sand created small crater like texture, Cory describes it as, “a sand version of an infinity pool, it just rolls out towards the ocean.”  Walking East out towards the coast you can descend slightly and see the 4X4’s drving along the highway, the highway being the beach.



From here we checked out Rainbow beach, it was alright! There were some friendly locals, we found this out after we locked ourselves out of our car and pathetically went shop to shop asking for help. An hour or two later when disaster had been adverted we headed to Inskip Point to tent up for the night.

I guess this will do.

We were #blessed with a pretty clear night and the Milky Way was out in all her glory so we whipped out the tripod and our trusty Nikon and played about with some long exposures. Seeing the stars is our all time favorite reason to go camping, you couldn’t put a price on that view!

Cory swinging in the hammock, proudly gazing at his fire as men do.
Cory decided to take one last picture while Charlotte was tucked up in the tent, what a result! We actually entered this picture in a competition and won a laptop, wahoo!
Steel wool spinning

Dawn broke and we continued our journey to 1770, once there we checked into a lovely little campground next to the beach and canoed out to a sandbank, it was wicked. Cory built a little fire on the beach and in the company of a couple of friends we watched the sunset over the water. DSC_0039

The next day we did a couple of walking tracks that offered spectacular views of the area and one we’d recommend in particular was the Butterfly Walk, during autumn and winter you can find hundreds of butterflies on the track!

One of the views from a walking track


Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Brisbane to 1770, with a stop at the Milky Way”

      1. I like literally love people…who travel
        Travelling has that unique aura which makes one realize like how I’ve been in one place all my life and there seems to be another world in a place out there !!!!!!

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