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Two Nights in the Amalfi Coast

We have just returned from a one week trip to Italy which included a two night stay in the Amalfi Coast and it was so stunningly spectacular it honestly does live up to all the hype which surrounds it. Two nights certainly wasn’t long enough to explore all that the UNESCO World Heritage Site had to offer but we definitely crammed as much in as we can. As we hired a car we were able to get around a little quicker than relying on public transport, where the drive itself is an all together separate experience!

So, what did we get up to..?

The Path of the Gods

The famous hike which stretches between Bomerano and Positano is renowned for it’s stunning views and takes roughly four and a half hours to complete. However, we left it a little too late in the day to research and complete the hike so instead we walked just a part of it for an hour to watch the sun setting over Positano and the coastline; it was a truly spectacular site and nothing short of magical.


Swimming & Sunbathing

Quite frankly you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a beach, each one is as stunning as the next. The main issue is finding it! If you’re not careful you can drive past many hidden beaches as they are  tucked away and the majority of them are unreachable by car/public transport. The biggest give away we found out to be true was the test of the parked cars, if you are along a stretch or road and there’s a group of cars parked up tight then sure enough there should be a beach nearby, you may just have to walk down a few steps to reach it! One of the beaches worth mentioning is Fiordo Di Furore, this pebbled beach was recommended to us by our hotel manager with a warning that it was a 600 walk descent but thankfully we didn’t let a few steps put us off. When we reached the descent we paid 5 euros for a lounger and had a cool down in the beautiful Mediterranean sea, an added bonus was the cliff jumping! Though it’s not something I do, it’s great to watch and it rated highly in my boyfriends books being a keen cliff jumper himself.




Of course we ate plenty of pasta!
The view from our hotel balcony.

19 thoughts on “Two Nights in the Amalfi Coast”

    1. Thank you..It was along the Path of the Gods. If I remember correctly it was near a town called Nocelle, Amalfi Coast.

      1. Don’t worry I could’ve googled it to start with but like interacting with like minded travellers… Will do.. Let me know what you think of my blog when you have time…

  1. Wow! What gorgeous images – Amalfi Coast has definitely been on my travel list. Hopefully in 2016. (Those shots of the cove from atop a cliff were fantastic.) Looks like it was a grew trip

    p.s. – thanks for the follow.

  2. Stunning photos!
    We were there in May for 5 nights – and still not enough.
    Absolutely loved the Path of the God’s hike, we did it during the day, but sunset looks beautiful.
    You guys are definitely game driving – well done!

    1. I would love to go back and do it during the day, maybe not in the peak of summer though!
      Hahah tell me about it, the driving is absolutely insane. My life flashed before my eyes more than once ha.

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