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Magical Milford Sound

Nestled in the west coast of South Island, New Zealand, Milford Sound is undeniably one of the most beautiful locations within the country.
We had eagerly been awaiting our visit to the fiords ever since we had begun planning our road trip and heard so many wonderful accounts of the area. While mapping out our route it became clear that there was only one road that led to the fiords, this isn’t a location you can come across by chance.


As we had our own vehicle and a fairly flexible time frame we put aside a day that had the greatest chance of sunshine as Milford Sound is renowned for its rainfall.

The drive itself is really beautiful with plenty of stop off points at look outs, waterfalls and nature walks. Most impressive, however, was the 1.2km Homer tunnel that passes through solid rock, which is an experience all in itself. It certainly adds to the atmosphere of the area being a mystical, hidden part of the world.image

                                  Mirror Lakes

Once at Milford Sound then I’d highly recommend paying for a boat tour, it’s not too expensive and you really get a great perspective of the whole area. The tours take you out to the waterfalls, our boat even went under one! Also, they’ll try their best to find the sunbathing seals which makes for a great wildlife photo opportunity. We had some friends who did a kayak tour of the area and loved it, if you have a higher budget then there’s also helicopter tours which I can only imagine would be incredible.

Waiting to board the boat.
In the background is the Milford Sound Lion, formally Mt Kimberley. It takes it’s names from its unusual shape which resembles a lion, I agree!


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