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Wanderlust: Music for the Soul

This weekend we took time out from working in Wellington and headed north to Taupo for Wanderlust Festival. A yoga festival, it offered a range of awesome activities and classes, though due to budgeting we purchased just a music pass for Saturday evening and…
Oh my God.
The musical performances by Nahko Bear & MFTP and Xavier Rudd were; enchanting, liberating, spiritual. Music for the soul.
It was one of those events which made made me say, ‘Yes, I was meant to travel. Yes, I was meant to come to New Zealand. Yes, I was meant to be here tonight.



Mass meditation before the performances.



Thank you for the music.

Spirit Bird by Xavier Rudd.

3 thoughts on “Wanderlust: Music for the Soul”

  1. Such joy in your concert and music experience! I enjoyed your photos, and particularly the one with the mass meditation before the performances – really cool! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 it was fantastic. I have tickets to see Xavier again in June in the UK- can’t wait!

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