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Cathedral Cove & Hot Water Beach

The Coromandel Peninsula of North Island, New Zealand, is a stunning setting for a road trip.

We drove silently along the coast line taking in all the beautiful surroundings as we headed towards Cathedral Cove. It was not far off sunset by the time we arrived so as we started our 45 minute walk to the cove we seemed to be the only ones heading in that direction! The walk is relatively easy, a few steps here and there but more than manageable; we’d been driving all day since leaving Auckland at midday so it was refreshing to give our legs a stretch.
As we reached the shore the sun was setting so it was absolutely magical, it’s such a beautiful location and it should be on anyone’s stop off points for travelling north island.




By the time we walked back to our car it was nighttime so we camped out at a local beach, we later awoke to the sound of crashing waves and decided to check out the popular Hot Water Beach in Mercury Bay.
Now, there was a useful information board at the car park detailing exactly the science behind it all but it went something along the lines of…a volcano created an underground reservoir where, over time, the hot water escapes to the surface. There’s a lot more to it but you get the jist. So, due to this amazing act of nature when the tide is low you can experience the hot water seeping to the surface of the beach and create your own outdoor mini spa!

Top Tip: Take a shovel! This will make digging your own mini bath a lot easier.



7 thoughts on “Cathedral Cove & Hot Water Beach”

  1. You are the sole responsible person for making me schedule a 6 month stop in new Zealand next year… ok fine, maybe not the sole reason but def the one that makes me more sure of my decision with every post u write!

    1. I’m happy i’ve inspired you in some form to travel new zealand! Thank you, nice to know someone is enjoying my posts 🙂 I’m going south island in march so i can’t wait to blog about it ! X

    1. Hey, it’s such a beautiful place! We actually camped on a beach about 10 mins from the cove as its prohibited. We did want to try but it was a 45 min walk back to the car to get our camping gear! We saw a few guys in their sleeping bags under the bushes so im sure you can sneak a little camping trip in 😉

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