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NZ Roadtrip: Mt Damper Falls & Waitanguru Falls

Finally! After being stuck in Wellington since early October, we’ve been given the chance to escape and explore north island over our Christmas/New year break from work. Our roadtrip started on Friday where we left Wellington and headed north to the town my boyfriend grew up in, Stratford, Taranaki, where we spent the night at his childhood home before picking up our companions and continuing our adventure.
We are currently heading towards the Northern Bass festival, while on the way stopping at any beautiful nature spot, particularly waterfalls, that we can find. We’ve found lots. New Zealand is stunning!

Mt Damper




Waitanguru Falls



7 thoughts on “NZ Roadtrip: Mt Damper Falls & Waitanguru Falls”

  1. Wowza those waterfalls!!! my bf and I have been talking about moving to NZ for a year and working/traveling. I’ve been drawn to NZ since I backpacked across Australia! Your post says you’re working? Do you mind me asking what you do there? and how long you’re staying?

    1. Hey! Im working in a cafe in wellington and we hope to leave by winter. We are currently applying for a partner visa for aus!! New Zealand is beautiful… However, living and working here is very average 😦 in comparison to living in aus it differs vastly, personally. (Wages/weather) For natural beauty though, it’s stunning. X

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