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Gifts for a Wanderer

First of all…Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful day, wherever in the world you celebrated it.

Personally, this was my third Christmas from home and it’s always an odd feeling. I miss my family, my home and the usual English way of cooking a larger-than-normal sunday roast and re-naming it a, ‘Christmas dinner.’ However, it’s a sacrifice a lot of have to make if we choose the path of travel! I spent Christmas in Wellington, New Zealand, this year and there was a comforting similarity in the celebrations, well apart from the pancakes and ice cream for breakfast.



Most of all, though, I received some amazing gifts which I found so thoughtful and it really made my day. I’m most excited about tickets to Wanderlust Festival, where I’ll get to see the likes of Xavier Rudd and Nahko Bear & Medicine for the People. Amazing!


My boyfriend also got me this wonderful 2015 diary from New Internationalist, it contains quotes along with the work of some amazing artists. I can’t wait to fill up these pages with travel dates for the upcoming year!



P.S How awesome is my new world map? I’ll be drawing past, present and future travel routes on there for sure!

1 thought on “Gifts for a Wanderer”

  1. I remember so well the first Christmases away from my parents trying to create my own traditions. A bit sad and like being in “no man’s land” for a while. Now my children are grown up and also longing home, when they can’t come to us.

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