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Sunset over South Island

Last night produced one of the best sunsets I’ve seen so far in New Zealand. A phone camera couldn’t do it justice but it’ll give you an idea of how gorgeous it was.
Happy Friday!


6 thoughts on “Sunset over South Island”

    1. Hey, its from the house I’m staying at in Island Bay, Wellington. Not a bad view!
      I can’t wait to travel down South

      1. I’m in Kaitaia right now, walking from Cape Reinga to Wellington on the Te Araroa Trail. If I make it to Wellington, perhaps you guys would be keen to show me and my friend around?

      2. Hey! Awesome 🙂 sorry for the late reply ive been camping. In Auckland right now, heading to a festival for nye. If we are back/aren’t working then of course! When you getting there?

      3. So the walk took a lot longer than we expected… My friend is leaving for Alaska tomorrow so we have put the trail on hiatus until we can rejoin together. I’m in Auckland now, spending a few days here and then off to Tongariro Crossing in a couple…

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