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Afternoon Strolls: Owhiro Bay

Since I’ve settled in Wellington I haven’t had the chance to explore by foot my surroundings. We’ve driven in and around Wellington a lot and though I’ve had chance to walk around the city, I hadn’t ventured far around our home of Island Bay.
Island Bay itself is a gorgeous suburb, I’m very thankful to be living here. We are situated on top of a hill and on a crisp day we can see South Island through our living room window, to be able to be sat eating dinner with a view of our neighbouring island is pretty awesome.

Sunset over Island Bay

Not a bad view, eh? As you can see in the photo, the shore is visible from our window and one sunny afternoon I decided I was going to jog down and explore. The, ‘jogging,’ aspect lasted a whole of 30 seconds (c’mon, I tried) but after a 30 minute stroll I reached Owhiro Bay, perched up on some driftwood and took in the pretty surroundings…




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