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My Top 5 Favourite European Cities

Europe! So many beautiful countries, so many beautiful cities.

I was lucky enough to do two trips around Europe this past year, the first being in winter (Dec 13′ – Feb 14′) and the second one taking place in summer. ( July 14′- Sept 14′) We visited a total of 11 countries overall and explored many cities, some of which stood out more than others. Of course, this is only my view as to which cities I enjoyed the most, travelling is very subjective. However, if you are planning on a trip to Europe yourself then I’d love to recommend these wonderful cities, so here it goes, in no particular order…

1. Porto, Portugal

Porto was my biggest surprise of our summer trip! I hadn’t heard much about the city before, usually when one talks of Portugal they talk of Lisbon,  the Algarve, but I have to say Porto was my favourite location in Portugal! It had a wonderful romantic feel to it; the old tiled buildings were postcard-perfect, the old ladies and cats having afternoon naps in the sun made for a relaxed feel and most of all the gorgeous waterfront where you can grab a bite to eat with 5* views.

           Pastel colours of Porto

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2. London, England

I’ve been to London twice and both times were fantastic! London was the city where I was reunited with my boyfriend ( I was in Australia, he was in Germany) and we had such a fantastic time. There is just so much to do and see! Like all cities you can choose to go on the sightseeing buses but we always prefer to walk, we spent all of two days exploring what London has to offer. From Buckingham Palace, to the London Eye, to Shakespeare’s Globe, to the Natural History Museum, (the list goes on) it really is a great place to be a, ‘tourist.’ More than that, the photo opportunities are endless!

Selfies in front of the London Eye!
     Selfies in front of the London Eye!

3. Paris, France

I think everyone who visits Paris leaves with the intention of returning. I certainly did. It really is, the city of love! There is just something about it, the atmosphere, the beautiful backdrop of the Eiffel Tower; it’s impossible not to fall in love, may that be with just the city itself. However, there is one down-side to Paris which I noticed more so than any other city and that’s the street vendors trying to sell you items, they are full on to the point they grabbed my arm and started making a bracelet after repeating, “NO, thanks!” many times. Thankfully my boyfriend was there, I can imagine it’s a bit daunting by yourself. Don’t be put off though, just a word of warning. There is no city more beautiful at night than Paris, that’s the conclusion I came to, especially after taking a river cruise late evening, God! I wish I could do that again soon. Such a magical place.

The Lourve looking incredible at sunset
The Louvre looking incredible at sunset

4. Barcelona, Spain

Now, Barcelona was the only city we visited where my boyfriend looked at me and said, “I could live here.” Of course the ever building church, La Sagrada Familia, was pretty impressive but it was the promenade which we loved, we enjoyed our first date-night for a while here. It was alive and buzzing and seemed like such a cool place to be, if we had a big budget we would have loved a night out but it was pretty pricey! That reminds me, the Sangria was gorgeous. We especially loved La Barceloneta, it was so young and happening and if we go back that’s where we would base ourselves. Restaurants on the beach, people whizzing by on bikes/roller skates/scooters…so much fun! The Magic Fountain was pretty spectacular too, admittedly I have seen The Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas so at the time I was a bit underwhelmed but looking back I think it was better than I gave it credit for.

La Sagarda Familia
La Sagrada Familia

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5. Prague, Czech Republic

Last but certainly not least is the beautiful city of Prague. We were visiting friends in Germany when they planned a trip to Prague and we were invited along, I am so fortunate for that because in terms of beauty Prague is up there with Paris. Walking along Charles Bridge there are fantastic artists and musicians you could watch perform all day, the Old Town Square is stunning too. We went on a free tour around the city and the guy was so informative, you just pay him a tip at the end of the tour out of gratitude. Additionally, it’s so cheap! We stayed in a hostel, where we actually though we turned up at the wrong address because it was so nice, we thought we were in a pricey hotel accidentally! The food is great and cheap, I am a vegetarian and didn’t have too much of a problem which was a relief. You can see the Gothic influence around the city and it’s just hauntingly beautiful.

My favourite photo I took of Prague
My favourite photo I took of Prague

Keep travelling!

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