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My First Week in Wellington

I’ve arrived! I’m on the other side of the world; far from home, family and friends.

The adventure started Sunday morning (October 5th) we woke early to make our way to the bus station; my parents, sister, her partner and baby all came down to wave myself and my boyfriend off. Saying goodbye never gets easier, no matter how many times you do it. A few tears and hugs later we were on the coach bound for London Heathrow. My parents had kindly bought us a hotel room for the evening in Hilton Hotel Heathrow, so 7 hours later we were checking in ready to get a good nights sleep before the long journey tomorrow. Unfortunately, my boyfriend and I were on separate flights to New Zealand so we said goodbye early morning as he had to fly to Frankfurt to catch his connecting flight.  I had a long wait ahead of me, I was able to check out at midday however my flight wasn’t until 10.05pm so I sat around in the hotel lobby making the most of the free wifi and had a Netflix marathon! Eventually it was time to check in and I was on my way, 3 flights later a zombie of myself was getting ready to land in Wellington and greet my boyfriend, who landed a few hours before me, at the gates.

Our first evening at Wellington we spent at home with family, (we are staying at Cory’s dad’s house) catching up on our adventures and relaxing our bodies after the flights. The following day we got a ride to town where Cory showed me all the great spots of the city, (I had been before but for a very short visit) it was a beautiful and we walked all day, finishing on Mount Victoria where we swung on a rope swing overlooking the city.



On Friday we had a lazy day at home, exhausted from jetlag and walking the previous day. In the evening we had our first night out in Wellington so far, catching up with some of Cory’s friends was nice. Not sure about Wellington nightlife? It seemed a bit same old but Cory assured me there are some hidden away bars that we haven’t tried out yet. We woke the next day slightly hungover, yet we wanted to make use of the good weather Wellington was providing so we took a trip to Red Rocks with 3 of Cory’s mates in the hope to see some seals! It was a beautiful, bumpy drive ( 4×4 is a must!) and we must have been having too much fun as we went off the track slightly and got bogged in the sand, gah! Sadly, we didn’t see any seals but we had a fun time trying to do so! Saturday evening we decided we didn’t want another night out so we headed up to Mount Victoria again to mess about and watch the sunset. It was gorgeous. Definitely a must do if you find yourself in Wellington, we even took the hammock up and somehow came to the conclusion the best place for it was attached to both swings which made a epic hammock swing.




Sunday morning Cory’s step-mum kindly took us out for brunch, I can’t remember the name of the cafe but it was packed! We had a 20 minute wait for a seat and a further 40 minute wait for food, I have to say the food was worth the wait though, delicious! We spent the rest of the afternoon walking along Oriental Bay which is fantastic on a sunny day, they have a man-made beach on the coast where many people were sunbathing.

Overall, we had a great first weekend in Wellington exploring. However, we haven’t worked since July so its time to get back to the grind and find a job for our up-coming South Island road trip we plan to do in February. I’m off to hand out some CV’s, wish me luck!

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