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Wild Swimming: Pont d’Arc & Cascade du Sautadet

As we left Barcelona we headed towards Southern France, searching for some natural beauty. We’d previously researched areas of interest before and during our trip, it’s so beneficial having your own car to travel in if you want to escape from the typical tourist traps!

Our first destination was Pont d’Arc, a large natural arch 5km away form the town of Vallon-Pont-d’Arc. We’d arrived early evening and managed to watch the sunset which was gorgeous against the backdrop of the natural arch. Later on, once we had parked up for the evening, we met an English couple who too were travelling in their van and they invited us along with their torch to see the arch by night. Though you could hardly see much without the torch, we were able to notice the numerous bats flying around! The evening sky was clear so we could see the hundreds of shining stars and it made such a beautiful, romantic setting for a night time stroll.

We woke early the next day and headed back down to the banks of the natural arch where we set up the hammock and ate breakfast, my boyfriend even went for a swim and found a jump hole in the arch, awesome!


After breakfast and a rest in the hammock we made our way to our next stop, Cascade du Sautadet, a wild swimming spot where you can snorkel, jump, swim, sunbathe. The drive between both locations wasn’t far at all, about 30 minutes if I remember correctly so you can visit both in one day.

We pulled up to a parking area, where there is a small fee but you can stay all day and access the toilet so it’s not a bad deal. We walked to the cascades, at the bottom end of it there is a beach-like area you can sunbath, however, you have to walk through rocky water what to get to it which is pretty tricky if you’re carrying a few items. We continued walking up to the beginning of the falls, the further you go the crazier the water gets, it’s obviously a little dangerous to go in the water here and that’s confirmed with the signs warning you of the various deaths that have happened here. After exploring, we made our way back to the shallow water and went for a swim and snorkel, you couldn’t actually see much sadly. It was a weekend also so it was pretty busy, with both tourists and locals it seemed. However, we had a good afternoon here and definitely a great place to go for a spot of wild swimming!


Keep travelling,


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