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Bowled over by Barcelona

After cruising through the mountains and sunning it up on the Costa del Sol our next big city trip was Barcelona, of which I’d heard only great things. We even decided to treat ourselves to a hotel room, we tried to ignore the guilt of blowing our daily budget by reminding ourselves we hadn’t actually stayed in a bed since Paris, at least two weeks ago (for those that don’t know, we have a mattress in the back of our car so we can park up and sleep wherever. Great way to save money but really difficult if you’re in a city.)
We managed to find a decent price for two nights on at £85, definitely worth if for our first hot shower and a decent night sleep in so long.

Our grand arrival into Barcelona didn’t go quite to plan as we expected, there I was thinking I was only moments away from enjoying the luxury of washing my hair with shampoo rather than than the not so glamorous alternative, salt water, when Kaboom! there go the brakes to our car, sigh. To the garage we go. As best as he could by boyfriend tried to explain to the mechanic (who spoke very broke English) what happened in a series of hand signals and miming, seemed to do the trick. Turns out they had to order new parts so our car was to stay there overnight, we gave the mechanics a couple of beers for tolerating our lack of Spanish language skills and in return they called us a taxi to our hotel.
Ohhh but it doesn’t end there, by now it was around 3.30pm (check in was at 2pm) so we thought we would be able to go straight to our room. No, no, no, we were told they were still cleaning and it would be another half hour. We waited and waited, 4.30pm came around and I got back, ‘another 10 minutes,’ by now we were pretty pissed. More so by the fact we had no apology or given a reason why it was running so late, eventually, after my boyfriend asked for the 3rd time, we were finally given our room keys. Thank God it was decent with a working hot shower.

After freshening up we went to see the highly anticipated La Sagrada Familia the ever building church.  I’m not sure what I was expecting but I was slightly underwhelmed, it was fantastically intricate etc but i just didn’t get that ‘wow factor’ that buildings such as the Eiffel Tower produce, maybe it was due to the amount of scaffolding surrounding it.


We ended up walking for about 30 minutes to the beach front in search of dinner, what a gorgeous promenade Barcelona has! Snazzy clubs and restaurants were creating a fantastic atmosphere, we ended up having a sea view dinner over a jug of sangria, which has becomes my new favourite tipple, love it! Safe to say that evening I slept like a rock.


Barcelona date night

The following morning we lazed in bed for a few hours, killng time before going to pick up our car. We walked back to the garage early afternoon where we reluctantly handed over €270, ouch. At least we had our car back!

We spent the rest of the day walking and sight-seeing all Barcelona has to offer and we fell a little bit in love with it I have to admit. We especially loved  La Barceloneta it seemed so fresh and happening; cool cafe’s and restaurants, people zipping by on rollerblades/bicycles/scooters, so much so my boyfriend decided there and then we need to come back for an extended stay, well if I have too!



By evening we decided to head back to the hotel, pick up our car and go watch the Magic Fountain performance. It took us ages to walk back as our legs were so sore from the past few days activities, (nothing like travelling to keep you fit) eventually we got to our car and made our way to catch the 10.30pm performance. Again, I found it a bit underwhelming. Maybe because I’ve seen the spectacle that is the Bellagio fountain I expected the display to be something more choreographed, it was a nice enough show but it turned out I wasn’t the only one to have that opinion of the fountain.


We ended up chatting to a Sydney local who was currently living in Barcelona, turns out he is based in La Barceloneta and couldn’t talk more highly of it if he tried, though he needn’t try to convince us as Barcelona is certainly a destination we would love to come back to.


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