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A day in Marbella

We arrived in Marbella early evening after a gorgeous drive through the mountains, recording it all with our GoPro for our motorbike mad best friend.
As usual we had no idea where to stay for the night, the campsite seemed pretty steep when all we really wanted was a shower. Fortunately, we found a beachside car park where fellow campers were parked for the night so we got comfty and had some shut eye before our day exploring Marbella.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Marbella, I annoyingly kept thinking of the catchphrase, ‘no carbs before marbs.’
I was worried it would be a tourist trap/ C-list celeb hotspot. However, though this could be said of the promenade, the old town was picturesque and made our trip worth it, there’s definitely more to this town other than the destination for reality stars.
The beach front itself is great if that’s all you’re after, I can see why people choose to come here for a week in the sun. But, it’s in the old town where you get to see the true character of Marbella behind all the glitz and glam.




We spent the morning walking around the old town, which doesn’t take too long. As we are on a budget we made our own lunch but there are many restaurants to choose from, in both the old and new areas of Marbella.
After driving so much recently we thought we would treat ourselves to an afternoon relaxing on the beach, there are so many spots to choose from we ended up walking most of the promenade before finally settling.
We paid €5 each for a sunbed and parasol where we spent a good few hours making most of the good weather. All in all, Marbella is a great holiday destination if you’re after a relaxing week in the Costa del Sol!



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