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Chasing Waterfalls

This has to be one of Spain’s best kept secrets.


Junta de Los Ríos has become one of our favourite destinations so far on our European trip. Its just so stunning with its; crystal clear waters, 5 waterfalls,p mountain views, wildlife, jumping points, tranquil atmosphere. There’s nothing not to love.


Situated approximately 5ks from the Spanish town of Otivár stands the entrance whereby you pay €5 p.p in addition to €5 per car. ( The land is private and the admission fee funds maintenance of the paths and waterfalls.) Once here you drive a further 7ks and park up at the bottom of the mountains. It’s a bit of a bumpy drive, however, our Peugeot 205 managed it so should be good.


We were given a hand drawn map which takes you along all 5 waterfalls, they say it’s a 25 min walk but I would say it’s pushing nearer to the 1 hour mark when you combine the hill walks and the heat. The great part is though you can do the path as fast or slow as you please as there are pools all along the way to cool down and explore.
We actually read the map wrong and followed the wrong path, ops! You should reach a large pool and waterfall within the first 10+ minutes, if you haven’t, you’ve gone the wrong way.


Battle wounds from taking the wrong turn following a path with plants a bit too close for comfort. (looks worse than it is)

It’s also worth noting that sometimes the path requires you to get a little wet, we had to walk through a few streams etc. but in all honesty it was so refreshing in the heat to ‘accidentally’ slip my boots into the water!
There are some fantastic jump spots for the adrenaline junkies, the highest being at the first waterfall.


Additionally, there is one section which has a slight climb which gets you hot,hot,hot! Thankfully, it starts descending after about 15 minutes and then you can cool yourself in the fresh pools waiting below, so fresh you can even drink from them.
One thing to note is to make sure you leave by 7pm as that when the gates close, we arrived at 10.30pm and ended up staying there all day, we could have easily stayed long if the option was available!


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