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Budgie needs some TLC


Budgie, our usually reliable Peugeot 205, who is currently on his second European road trip with us has had to go the garage. Lately, we heard some worrying squeaking sounds coming from the brakes along with red lights flashing up on the dashboard. It was as we were driving into Barcelona when smoke started coming off the brakes we knew we couldn’t ignore it any longer, thankfully, there was a garage not far into the city.
In broken English the mechanic managed to explain one brake was kapput and one was about to be. We had no choice but to leave him in the garage, along with €213 out of our travel fund, 😦
Obviously, we only had one option and that was to fix Budgie for our own safety. It’s with some luck we found the garage so soon and had a hotel booked in Barcelona the same evening (we usually camp.)
Plus, free parking while he’s in the garage!


Budgie, the unusual camper car.

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