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Charlotte 0 / Paddle Board 1

I’m pathetic. I’m scared of paddle boarding.

I’ve  been wanting to go paddle boarding for so long now, I’ve always thought it looked tranquil, relaxing and stress-free and for most people I’m sure it is.
We decided to rent one board, €20 for 4 hours, with my boyfriend steering and myself sat on the front. Maybe that’s where it all went wrong…

It probably would have worked if:

1. There wasn’t any boats passing us every other minute causing waves.

2. I wasn’t fearful of falling into the cold water.

3. My boyfriend hadn’t decided to bring his non-waterproof satchel full of gopro equipment/packed lunch which I had to balance aswell as balancing myself.

Looking back on the day however it is one we will remember. I may be a complete whimp when it comes to the sea but the beauty of The Grottos was spectacular, whether you reach them on foot, boat, kayak or the dreaded paddle board!





My boyfriend as always mastered it to the extent of doing headstands on the bloody board. There’s always one.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte 0 / Paddle Board 1”

    1. Haha fortunately no. Though one nice chap threw my boyfriend a rope and pulled him along to the grottos hah! X

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