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The Basque Country

As we drove through the Spanish boarder we headed straight to San Sebastian, being the first destination on the map we recognised. However, our time there was short. After being surrounded by nature for the past few days my boyfriend (Cory) quickly realised the hustle and bustle of the city wasn’t something he wanted, as nice as San Sebastian looked we wanted something more chilled, especially with it being Cory’s 23rd birthday. The day started to get stressful when the satellite failed for the GPS, argh! A hot car, traffic and a stressed out couple with no plan of where to drive was not how we pictured the day to go.

We continued up the coast in no particular direction hoping to find a nice coastal town to camp for the night, we found just that in Zarautz. We nearly passed the town if it wasn’t for Cory spotting a diving board by the sea (he can’t resist jumps/wild swimming spots etc.) Stress levels increased when we couldn’t find a parking space, we even tried an underground parking lot which charged us 10 cent for us to drive in and back out again! Things turned around however when we came across the camping site Talai Mendi, costing €23 for an overnight stay it seemed a wicked place and I was so excited to enjoy a hot shower at last. It quickly became clear Zarautz was a hotspot for surfers and reminded me of my hometown of Newquay.


We headed into town for dinner, and so the struggle of being a vegetarian abroad begins. Of course hardly anywhere had English menus let alone vegetarian options, after circling the area and attempting to re-read menus we decried on our first choice, a funky place called Burger. They made old shoes into lamp stands with menus in, yup. Once seated you had to design your own meal, sounds exciting, but, sigh, it wasn’t. My boyfriend had a chicken sandwich whereby my hand was bigger than the slice of bread and due to my outdated English menu, it turns out I ticked the box for ‘pineapple’ not ‘avocado,’ though this probably wouldn’t have improved my pasta salad a.k.a a handful of cold spaghetti with chunks of tomatoes, cheese and pineapple thrown on top, seriously. But ah well, you win some you lose some. We’ve been having such a wicked trip the lows probably seem more dramatic then they really were. I just felt a little bad for Cory, being it his birthday we wanted the day to be a little more epic. Fortunately, we had a pleasant evening back at the campsite where we met two couples and had a good old natter about our past and future travels.

The next day we woke to sunshine and made our way to the diving board which had made us stay in this town, it was such a cool little spot! You had to wait until the tide came in jump so we wasted time swimming around and lazing in the sun, when it was deep enough slowly more people started to gather and everyone was jumping from the wooden plank with the locals pulling out some impressive moves.



On our way back to camp we stopped by the local tourist information where they recommended we continue up the coast and stop at San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. A church on a small island connected by a man-made bridge, apparently you ring the bells 3 times to rid yourself of evil spirits.


San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in the background.

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