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Étretat to Paris Roadtrip


The first weekend of our 2 month European summer roadtrip has been fantastic, we’ve seen and done so much already.

Ferry crossing

After arriving in Le Havre we drove to the beautiful coastal town of Étretat, famous for it’s natural arch.
For this trip we plan to spend the majority of the time camping and sleeping in the back of our car where we have a mini mattress set up. Pretty impressive when our car is a Peugeot 205! We hadn’t arranged any camping spots before our arrival and found it difficult to find a site with vacancies, just as frustration was about to kick in our luck turned around and we found a tucked away car park which allow overnight camping, result! At only €3 between 7am and 7pm it was a steal and we parked up here both the Friday and Saturday night.

Meal for two in the back of the Peugeot!

When the tide is out at Étretat you are able to walk through the cliffside tunnel and arrive at a secluded beach,  such a picture perfect location. However when we got there the tide was making its way back in so we were ushered away as soon as we got there so make sure you check the tide times.
We then continued to walk up one of the two hills that dominates the town, it’s a little tiring on a hot day but the views are more than worth it.




We had planned to spend the evening on the beach promenade watching music acts play for the local festival, unfortunately as soon as we arrived the heavens opened and we got drenched! When the thunder storm passed and our clothes eventually started to dry a few hours later it joyfully turned into a beautiful evening. We made the most of the good weather and drove up the opposing hill to watch the sunset while having the music from the festival playing in the background, bliss.

Sunday morning found us heading towards the Normandy capital of Rouen. Past famous visitors include Joan of Arc and William the Conqueror, it was definitely a historically rich and interesting city. Sadly we didn’t realise being Sunday it was a bit of ghost town in most parts but we did find a nice café for a bite to eat.


Spot of lunch in Rouen

We continued our trip on the road and accidently came across Maison du Parc, a beautiful county house with open gardens.


As our day came to an end we parked up just 30 mins away from Paris at a beautiful lakeside spot, excited for what the next day would bring.


Bedtime views

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