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Testing the Gopro3+

If you’ve read my last post you would have known that myself and my boyfriend decided to buy a Gopro3+ for our upcoming travels.

Today we decided to take it to one of our local beaches and test it out. The plan had been to go into the water, however, the sea was slightly rougher than anticipated so we had a walk along the coast towards Fistral beach.

With the WiFi ability it’s so awesome to use the Gopro App to stream what the lens is viewing, this will be handy in the future when setting up positions to film cliff jumps etc. Really can’t wait to start travelling and capturing some awesome footage!


Fistral beach, Newquay



Fun in the summer sun

P.S there is a black blur on the bottom left on all of videos/photos, has anyone else experienced this? We’ve emailed Gopro as I expect it’s a slight fault but still waiting to hear back as of now.

2 thoughts on “Testing the Gopro3+”

    1. No worries we bought two spare ones and a battery charger! Good job, as like you said we realised WiFi does drain the battery fast! Thanks x

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